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Did you know Belmira is the world's first Rainbow Trout processor to earn the BAP Certification? 


Back on April 2013, Truchas Belmira SAS pioneered the Global Seafood Market by earning the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Certificate becoming the world's first Rainbow Trout processor to get validated with such important certification. Ever since that moment, we knew Quality and Determination are the foundations of our Organization, alongside our devotion to better serve our clients throughout the years. Currently 4 Stars BAP Certified.


                                You can learn more about it here:

BAP Certified

Supplying American Trout, farmed and processed in Colombia for the American Market.


We proudly source our eggs in the USA from our partners at Troutlodge, the world's largest trout egg producer from their state-of-the-art facilities for optimal quality and traceability with a year-round production. To learn more about Troutlodge's 500+ million trout egg production, follow their link above.

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