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Whole Rainbow Trout

Premium Hand-Selected Rainbow Trout

The direct link from the purest spring waters of Colombia 

Supplying the US-Market for over 30 years


Belmira Trout Seafood Corp is the North American Sales & Marketing Business Unit for Truchas Belmira SAS from Medellin, Colombia.


Colombia's water resources are 45,408 cubic meters (above the world’s average of 8,209) making Colombia as one of the top countries on earth with water resources, home of the cleanest water springs, the perfect habit for our delicious Rainbow Trout.


Not only we comply with FDA Regulations, but also with HACCP.  Truchas Belmira SAS is the world's first Rainbow Trout supplier to obtain the BAP certifications (Best Aquaculture Practices) under their slogan "the responsible seafood choice". We count with the experience, quality and technology of Colombia's best professionals to supply the necessities of the Global Seafood Market, the Rainbow Trout has grown notoriety in the Industry thanks to its high source of Omega-3 and convenience. 


What makes our Rainbow Trout special?


  • Hand-Selected Rainbow

  • Final Pin-bones removed by hand

  • Contains no preservatives

  • No artificial pigmentation

  • Did we mention it is a great source of Omega-3?

FDA Approved
BAP Certified
The Best Healthy Seafood Choice!
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